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Offering both half and full day workshops as well as multiple session courses in arts-integrated learning, Eric helps educators integrate the use of dance/movement into their instructional approaches with a focus on the content areas of mathematics, language arts/reading, science and social studies. His unique approach to classroom management incorporates sign language, which has been immediately adopted by teachers in every school he visits.

Eric’s passion for what he does shines through in every workshop, as reflected in frequent comments from past attendees about his ability to be “warm, skilled, funny, flexible, exciting, and an engaging workshop leader.” He has a proven ability to keep workshops active with learning yet firmly grounded in education research.

Workshops encompass far more than just the day-of experience: Eric sends each attendee home with lesson plans that can be used the very next day and into the future; multiple supplementary materials and references that will give access to hundreds of lesson plans on the Internet; and specific management skills that foster success in this type of instruction. Eric also remains available by e-mail or phone to assist and support educators as they implement their new arts-based instructional strategies.

His goal is to help educators find maximum success in making learning both physical and tangible for their students.

Coordinating Workshops for Educators

From Florida and Louisiana, to Montana and Alaska, and even as far away as Tokyo, Japan, Eric’s experience in providing workshops for educators has encompassed...

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Make Learning Physical and Tangible for your Students.


Eric Johnson will teach you powerful skills that enhance your teaching methods and maximize student engagement, depth of knowledge, and retention of material. As a full-time dance educator, he is fully cognizant of the needs of today’s students and how to assist educators in meeting those needs.

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Powerful skills to enhance teaching methods and student retention

“Eric knows what we need.

He’s one of us.”

– Workshop Attendee

Selma City School System

Selma, Alabama

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