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Testimonials from Educators

This is one of the best workshops I have ever observed—it balanced joy and inspiration, high quality dance and math learning, and concrete, usable strategies for implementing the activities in the classroom. This workshop is a model!

- Workshop Attendee at The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Fun, but meaningful; teachers demonstrated no hesitation in participating; participants joyfully engaged.

- Workshop Attendee at The Kennedy Center, Washington, DC

Wow!  Eric Johnson was a true pleasure.  He treated each participant as an artist, even if they’ve never thought as themselves as such.  He taught me how to approach a class with respect, patience and most of all, love.

- Workshop Attendee, Lafayette, Louisiana

I always felt like I couldn’t dance.  The minute we started moving, I never worried about it again.

- Workshop Attendee, Tacoma, Washington

Testimonials from Eric’s Work with Students

We are so appreciative of the kindness, patience, respect, and earnest you show each of our students in your teaching.

- Classroom Teacher, Seattle, Washington

In this classroom/studio setting, there was a wonderful opportunity to view the interactions of Eric and the students without them noticing us as an audience.  I was very impressed with the management tools demonstrated.  I can use these to solve many of my most stressful situations with disruptive students.  Eric's instruction and discussions were completely clear and sequential.  I felt this has been one of my most useful observations.

- Classroom Teacher, Lafayette, Louisiana

You’ve endeared yourself to our family. Thank you for all your devotion to the kids.  They have always loved your class because of your enthusiasm and encouragement.

- Parent, Seattle, Washington

Testimonials from Students

Thank you for making us imagine! - Aliza in Seattle, Washington

Thanks for helping me get over my dance fright. - Jordan in Seattle, Washington

Dancing is good. - Ben in Seattle, Washington

Testimonials from Teaching Artists:

I really appreciate your thoroughness, detail, and the wealth of information you share in your handouts.

- Workshop Participant, Idaho Commission on the Arts, Boise, Idaho

Eric taught this workshop with depth, enthusiasm, and patience, knowing it was an approach that most artists struggle with. He taught with regard to the individual artistic disciplines, which made it relevant for all of us. I finally “got” it! I immediately applied what I had learned in my art and dance lessons, and the bar was raised, both for myself as a teacher, and for the students.

- Workshop Participant, Montana Arts Council, Helena, Montana

Your workshop and facilitation were a model for all.  I look forward to seeing your influence grow and multiply to the benefit of the young people in our state.

- Workshop Participant, Idaho Commission on the Arts, Boise, Idaho


•  Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

•  DC Public Schools

•  New Jersey Center for the Performing Arts

•  Newark Public Schools

•  Boston Public Schools

•  Lafayette Parish School District

•  The Peace Center for the Arts

•  Selma City School System

•  Ann Arbor Public Schools

•  Findlay School

•  Las Cruces Public Schools

•  Young Audiences of East Texas

•  Idaho Commission on the Arts

•  Montana Arts Council

•  Seattle Arts Commission

•  Seattle Public Schools

•  Alaska Center for the Performing Arts

•  Kodiak Island Public Schools

•  US Department of Defense Dependents Schools

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