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Today, teaching artists are in demand in both rural and urban areas throughout all 50 states. Artists who wish to teach in schools, after-school programs, community centers, and hospitals must be prepared to work within the framework of detailed lesson planning, learning goals, assessments, and standards that are required in almost all educational settings.  

Becoming a skilled teaching artist requires a conscious choice to break down one’s art-form's complexity into small steps and meaningful creative studies. Teaching artists of the highest quality are skilled at kindly and deftly managing a class as they work as well as monitoring and assessing each student's progress as they work through the activities of the artist's well-structured, artful lesson plan. 

Eric is prepared to assist artists in all art-forms strengthen their teaching. Having taught more than 900 lessons annually for almost 30 years, he is uniquely immersed in the practice of creating meaningful teaching in the arts and arts-based learning. Eric has worked with hundreds of artists in many art forms; he has trained the teaching artists working for state arts councils, traditional arts programs, after-school programs and large urban performing arts centers.

Since 2004, Eric has been leading the workshop Sharing your Art-Form: Tools for Artists—a 6-hour or 9-hour workshop for teaching artists which offers practical and inspiring instruction in lesson planning, assessment, and classroom management.  Eric also offers an additional three-hour workshop on Fostering Strong Professional Connections and a second-year workshop for teaching artists entitled Sharing your Art-Form, Part 2: Reflection and Refinement. Learn more about these on the Workshops page >

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Eric Johnson will help you grow your knowledge and skills in the areas of arts integration, classroom management, lesson planning, and individual assessment.

For Teaching Artists

Grow your knowledge and skills for management, lesson planning and assessment

“Workshops with Eric have greatly improved my teaching strategies, and brought my teaching to a much higher standard with exciting results from students.”

– Workshop Attendee

Montana Arts Council

Helena, Montana

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