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Friendly, Firm, Encouraging, Supportive

Eric works effectively to foster each student’s grasp of the content focus, diligently planning lessons that are exciting, memorable, inspirational and engaging. He learns every student’s name in order to foster one-on-one encouragement, attention, and comprehension, as well as to ensure accurate assessment of their individual progress throughout the lesson. 

Eric also believes in making each lesson serve as a community-building experience for the class, using dance and movement to teach students supportive ways to work together in small groups and partnerships as they create movement phrases and dances.  

As a residency/visiting artist, Eric models arts-integrated lessons that he has taught to teachers during professional development workshops, or works with each teacher to share lessons that directly apply to their classroom curriculum and standards.

As a full-time dance educator, Eric teaches 950 lessons each school year, offering a multi-year sequential curriculum that includes emphasis on the study of strong, accurate dance technique, functional anatomy (the skeleton, muscles, and alignment), dance composition employing the elements of dance and standard choreographic structures, the reading of written movement notation, and folk dance.

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Enhance Retention Through Brain Compatible Learning.

Eric has taught many thousands of students in a wide variety of urban, suburban, and rural educational settings, with a focus on the elementary grades. He is comfortable with children of all abilities, and highly familiar with a wide range of special needs, from students with varied disabilities to those incarcerated in locked wards.

For Students

Enhanced education and improved retention in the classroom

“Every day my child wakes up and asks, “Is it Eric day today?”

– many Seattle parents each year

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