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Since 1985, Eric has traveled to 27 states in the US and Japan, sharing strategies for lesson planning, assessment, classroom management, and arts integration with educators and teaching artists.  Eric has trained educators throughout Japan under the auspices of the Japan Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (JASCD), and works regularly with state arts councils and performing arts organizations throughout the US in training their teaching artists to lead effective arts-integrated instruction.

As a residency/visiting artist, he models arts-integrated lessons that he has

taught to teachers during professional development workshops, or works with

each teacher to share lessons that directly apply to their classroom curriculum and standards. As a full-time dance educator, Eric teaches a multi-year sequential curriculum that includes emphasis on the study of strong, accurate dance technique, functional anatomy (the skeleton, muscles, and alignment), dance composition employing the elements of dance and standard choreographic structures, the reading of written movement notation, and folk dance.

From 1999-2007 Eric served as an arts coach, mentoring classroom teachers on the development and implementation of arts-integrated lessons for Arts Impact of Washington (funded by the US Department of Education), and continues to coach teachers and teaching artists in his residencies.

Before moving into the classroom as a full-time dance educator in 1993, Eric was a professional dancer and choreographer performing as a member of Seattle’s On the Boards Kinetics Company. His involvement included works for regional professional and university dance companies, as well as working as a visiting dance artist at Michigan State University and the University of Montana. 

Eric has also worked as a residency artist for the states of Washington, Montana, Alaska and for VSA Washington. 


Eric Johnson is a leader of professional development workshops in arts integration and movement both nationally and internationally. He is a national workshop leader for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, as well as the dance specialist for 12 Seattle public and private schools.

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“Above all it was clear to me that he has a deep understanding of his subject matter in terms of knowledge of healthy body mechanics, how to elicit creativity, and how to teach effectively.”

– Workshop Attendee

Montana Arts Council

Missoula, Montana

Eric Johnson: Arts Integration / Dance Specialist

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Eric is a teaching artist and national workshop leader for

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts