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Bringing the joy of creativity and dance to classroom curriculum



For Educators...

An increasing number of students are kinesthetic learners who absorb knowledge more effectively when they are able to utilize their body. Educators teaching these types of learners in their classroom will see many benefits from the use of movement/dance, including:

  1. Enhanced retention due to the whole person (body/mind/emotions) nature of the learning, and because the learning process is made fresh and memorably different;

  1. Tangible, concrete understanding of abstract concepts, especially math and science; and

  1. Effective development of classroom community as children move

  2. and work together in partnerships, small groups and as a whole class.

For Students...

  1. Teaches them to become awake to learning through their bodies;

  2. Teaches the skills necessary for creativity and innovation;

  3. Teaches them to work cooperatively and effectively with others;

  4. Prepares them for the world of work as they learn to bring creative projects to completion and present them; and

  5. As they learn to control their bodies, they learn to control themselves.


Humans have always danced to express their joy and physicality, tell stories, build a sense of community, share knowledge and preserve tradition. The power of these time-honored practices are proving integral to 21st century learning.

For Educators

Powerful skills to enhance teaching methods and student retention >>

“Mr. Johnson’s passion for dance was shown in his enthusiasm for teaching.”

– Classroom teacher

Lafayette, Louisiana

Benefits of Movement Integrated Learning

For Students

Enhanced education and improved retention in the classroom >>

For Teaching Artists

Grow your knowledge and skills for management, lesson planning and assessment >>

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