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Dedication and Detail

Eric undertakes careful advance preparation for each lesson, workshop and residency, beginning with a detailed assessment of the desired goals, overall curriculum, student demographics, and environment. During instruction, he takes utmost care with lesson sequencing/pacing and formative/summative assessment, using a warmly encouraging style for effective classroom management. So they can feel assured they have his full attention for their learning and personal progress, Eric always makes a point to learn the name of every teacher and student with whom he works.  

Working With Diverse Organizations and Communities

Over the past 30 years, Eric has been privileged to visit a variety of urban

and rural school districts, arts councils, performing arts organizations,

summer institutes and communities, including their teachers, students, administrators, school staff, and community members.

Known for his low-maintenance, warm, flexible, positive personality, his professional mission is to support others in finding power and meaning in learning through movement. Broad smiles, expressions of interest, wonder and concentration—all of these and more flash across the faces of both teacher and student participants as they discover and work with this transformative, multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning.

No matter what the educational setting, all lessons are taught in accordance with national and state standards for dance, language arts, math, science, social studies, and the Common Core, and are richly informed by Eric’s current and foundational knowledge of research in education, cognition, and psychology.

Planning a Residency

Eric works carefully with each organization to tailor a visit that perfectly matches their needs and budget. In order to keep prices low, he does not charge a "day rate" but instead charges by the service (the number of classes, or length of workshop); this allows an organization to program exactly what it needs during a day and remain perfectly within its budget. 

During visits to schools, Eric is perfectly comfortable teaching five classroom visits or modeling sessions, in addition to an evening workshop for teachers or artists. Visits may range from a one evening teacher workshop to a multi-day residency that includes the schools, the school district office, the community, and its teaching artists (or any combination). To inquire about a residency, click here >

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Specific Services

Professional development workshops and courses for teachers

3- and 6-hour workshops, 12-hour courses. Learn more here >

Classroom visits

1 hour arts-integrated lessons with one classroom and its teacher

Lesson content can be geared to material from a teacher workshop or can be jointly developed with teacher and the artist

Demonstration teaching/modeling with reflection

1 hour arts-integrated lesson for one classroom with numerous teacher observers,  followed by reflection period with the artist.

Whole-school family dance

1 hour arts-integrated lesson for families to dance together and experience the power of arts integration, lessons currently from the school curriculum are used for parents to experience how dance can enliven learning

Professional development workshops for teaching artists

3-, 6-, 9-, and 12-hour workshops, content can be geared to teaching

arts-only or arts-integrated lessons. Learn more here >

Social skill/cooperation/team building workshops

for organization or school staffs

3- and 6-hour workshops.


As the art of movement and dance are carefully, strategically integrated with the other content areas, Eric's workshops and lessons help each participant maximize their learning through the dynamic interaction between personal creativity and curriculum.

For Educators

Powerful skills to enhance teaching methods and student retention >>

“Above all it was clear to me that he has a deep understanding of his subject matter in terms of knowledge of healthy body mechanics, how to elicit creativity, and how to teach children effectively.”

– Workshop Attendee

Acadiana Center for the Arts

Lafayette Louisiana

Integrated Approach and Services

For Students

Enhanced education and improved retention in the classroom >>

For Teaching Artists

Grow your knowledge and skills for management, lesson planning and assessment >>

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